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Aced Poker in 2016

aced poker payouts 2016 - poker is closed

Author: Nicole Martinez   -   Updated in: December, 2018

aced poker closedNews Update, 2016 - Aced Poker was closed down in mid 2015. Carbon Poker owns AcedPoker and they decided to merge with CarbonPoker. Carbon Poker is no longer accepting new players so these two rooms are effectively dead.

The closing of Aced Poker and Carbon Poker's decision to stop accepting players isn't a big deal because they were both slow paying US poker sites. We have many alternatives with quick U.S. poker payouts in 2016. Betonline is the perfect alternative to Carbon Poker and Aced Poker in 2016. Click here to read my BetOnline Poker cashout review. The other US poker rooms listed below are also excellent alternatives and they all have quick payouts in 2016.

aced poker is closed - try these US poker rooms in 2016

US Poker Rooms In 2016
(With Payout Speeds)
USA? Check why did aced poker close aced poker closes down Wire Visit
5-10 days 1-5 days 1-3 days 1-3 days 7-14 days Visit Now
5-10 days 3-5 days Visit Now
7-14 days 5-7 days 7-14 days Visit Now
5-10 days 1-5 days 1-3 days 1-3 days 7-14 days Visit Now
5-10 days 3-7 days 1-3 days 1-3 days Visit Now

aced poker closedAced Poker was launched in 2009 as a skin on the Merge Poker Network. is still part of the Merge network but a lot has changed in recent years. AcedPoker was a skin of Carbon Poker so the merger will have no impact on existing Aced Poker players. These two online poker sites for Americans had the exact same software, bonuses, promotions, deposit options, payout methods, cashout speeds and everything else. The Aced Poker shutdown went very smoothly. Anyone who had an account at Poker had that account, along with any funds and loyalty points, created on Carbon Poker. With Aced Poker closed we will likely see Carbon Poker grow even stronger. They are currently the top USA friendly poker room on the Merge Gaming Network in 2016. The Merge network was once home to the largest US poker sites - in terms of peak traffic - but when Lock Poker left Merge to create a network of their own, Aced and the entire Merge network lost over half of their traffic. Slow withdrawal speeds at Aced continued to further reduce this once proud and popular network into irrelevance. Luckily for Aced, Carbon Poker and the other Merge Gaming rooms the average processing time for a U.S. payout went from 4-8 weeks to 4-8 days. Poker payouts in 2016 are handled by the same people who process Carbon Poker cashouts in 2016 so these two rooms have the same payout speed, payout options, fees and limits. is not a simple clone of Carbon Poker in 2016. Aced Poker has their own exclusive bonuses and promotions. Carbon Poker may be the flagship poker room on this network but I actually prefer the promos at Aced Poker over those at Carbon. This review of Aced payouts in 2016 will include a section on deposit options, withdrawal methods, cashout limits, processing speeds and fees. I will start with a 2016 Poker cashier and deposit option review. poker deposit options in 2016 - Cashier Review

aced poker deposit options 2016This Aced Poker deposit option review for 2016 is not going to include any of the deposit methods that Americans cannot use. Europeans will never have any trouble finding easy deposit options in the Aced cashier. AcedPoker is the only online poker room accepting U.S. players in 2016 that covers 100% of the fees on cash transfer deposits. This is a big plus if your Visa does not work at Here is a list of USA friendly Aced Poker deposit options in 2016.

  • Aced Poker Visa deposit option - This is the quickest and easiest deposit option for Americans at Poker in 2016. Aced accepts Visa debit card, credit card and prepaid card deposits. The minimum Visa deposit at Poker is $25, half of the minimum of $50 found at many US poker sites. Aced Poker has always focused on micro/small stakes players and recreational players so it makes sense to allow small deposits. The maximum Visa deposit at Aced is $1,000.
  • Poker cash transfer deposits using - Money Transfer & Cash Transfer - If you had trouble using your Visa card to buy chips at in 2016, you can use the cash transfer deposit method. Aced will refund the transfer fees on all Money Transfer and Cash Transfer deposits. Many rooms will only cover the fees on mid to large deposits. The minimum Cash Transfer and Money Transfer deposit at Aced in 2016 is $50. The maximum is $999. Money & Cash transfer deposits at Aced can be send online instantly on the transfer web site or in person with cash. Our USA poker Cash Transfer payout guide and USA poker Money Transfer payout guide explains how these options work in more details.

aced poker payouts, withdrawals & cashouts 2016 - fees & speeds

aced poker cashout options, payout speeds 2016This Aced Poker payout review will focus on American withdrawal methods. Aced Poker doesn't have a big selection of U.S. pay out methods to choose from but they have improved their cashout speeds considerably. A year ago, Aced and most other Merge Gaming rooms would take 2-3 months to send out a payment. They have improved the cashier and acquired new payment processors so the payout speeds at Aced are in line with other fast paying poker sites for USA players in 2016.

  • Aced Poker check payouts in 2016 - Poker typically uses Fedex to deliver their check withdrawals in 2016. Paper checks from Aced are usually from a Canadian bank. That may sound like a bad thing but if you have an account at a larger U.S. bank you will be able to cash Aced Poker checks instantly. My bank - TCF - told me that these Canadian checks are "same as cash". Aced says that the checks can only be deposited but I am able to cash these checks and when I do deposit them it is basically like I am depositing cash, so I never have to wait for the check to clear, even if I don't have enough money in my account to cover it. check payouts in 2016 come from the same Canadian bank and are also treated the same as cash. Our Bovada cash out guide explains more.

    I used to take these checks to another bank - much smaller - and I would have to wait 4+ weeks for the check to be sent in to collections. I'd suggest finding a bank that treats them the same as cash. Aced Poker check withdrawals take 5-10 days - from request to the Fedex guy knocking on your door. Lately it has only been taking 3-5 days. Poker check cashouts in 2016 have a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $2,500. Your first paper check withdrawal from AcedPoker each month is FREE. Subsequent check pay outs from Aced cost $40, significantly lower than other USA friendly poker rooms in 2016. In the Aced Poker Cashier on the check pay out page there is an option for an Express Courier. I do not know what the fee is for this but since checks arrive so quickly anyway and at a very minimal fee I have never looked into it.
  • Aced Poker Gift Card payouts in 2016 - Aced can also pay you with a Visa or Mastercard gift card. Aced gift card or prepaid card withdrawals in 2016 are sent via Fedex, just like the checks, so the cashout speed is about the same. Some Americans prefer being paid with a pre-loaded ATM/Debit card but I always cash out via check.
  • Aced Poker Money Transfer Payouts in 2016 - Aced Poker Money Transfer payouts in 2016 and Aced Poker Cash Transfer cashouts in 2016 are not always available. When I cash out my affiliate revenue via check I will sometimes get an message asking if I want to be paid via a Cash Transfer or Money Transfer cash transfer. These payout methods are very fast, taking 1-3 days. Money transfers can be picked up are thousands of locations in the USA, places like Walmart, most banks, credit unions and any other place you see the transfer symbol. Since cash transfer withdrawals at Aced are not standard cashout methods I do not have any info about the minimum or maximum but it probably looks something like $100-$1,000. I do not think they charged me any fees when they switched my paper check pay out to a Money Transfer withdrawal.

Cashing Checks From Aced Poker 2016 - Cash Or Deposit? Teller or ATM or App?

There is a lot of contradictory information about the best way to handle the Canadian check payments from Aced, and other US poker rooms in 2016 that use the same processors. These rooms include Carbon Poker, Aced Poker and several others. Do you cash or deposit these checks? Do you go to a teller or deposit the check via an ATM machine or deposit it using a mobile phone app? It really depends on the bank. I just take them to the teller since they clear instantly. If a bank employee asks about the source of the check you should just say something like you sold a web site or perhaps it is an advertising payment.

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