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americas cardroom Payouts in 2016

americas cardroom payouts 2016 - cashout speeds and fees at ACR

Author: Nicole Martinez   -   Updated in: December, 2018

acr poker payouts December, 2018 Americas Cardroom is usually called ACR Poker. This Americas Cardroom payout review for 2016 will cover more than just cashouts at ACR Poker. We will also review the U.S. friendly deposit methods available in 2016. Both sections will include information about speeds, fees and limits. Americas Cardroom is a successful US poker site in 2016. It is no coincidence that they have fast payouts. It is a simple fact that the USA poker rooms with the highest traffic are those that have the fastest cashout speeds and the lowest withdrawal fees. Americas Cardroom payouts in December of 2016 are not quite as fast as Bet Online Poker but they are close. The difference between Betonline and ACR Poker is negligible though, perhaps 24 hours for cash transfer withdrawals like Cash Transfer and Money Transfer or 1-3 days for check payouts. Americas Cardroom makes up for this by offering a unique payment methods to Americans like Bitcoin and prepaid debit cards.

I really like the ACR debit card cashouts at America's Cardroom in 2016 because it saves you the hassle of deposit a check, which can sometimes take a couple weeks to clear. Americas Cardroom has also developed a wide range of unique software features and promotions found nowhere else in 2016. ACR Poker Bitcoin payouts and deposits are the perfect solution for those looking for an instant, easy banking method in 2016.

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As far as I know Americas Cardroom is the only online poker site for US players in 2016 to offer debit card withdrawals to Americans. ACR Poker may be slightly slower than the fastest paying USA poker room - Bet Online Poker - but they are definitely in the top 5. This Americas Cardroom payout review will first look at the USA friendly deposit options accepted here. But first, I have added a list below with the fastest paying US poker sites in 2016.

Americas cardroom deposit options in 2016 - aCR funding methods

acr poker deposit methods options 2016Americas Cardroom's deposit options are currently limited right now. Usually they accept Visa debit and credit cards but they are between processors right now so the only deposit methods available at Americans at ACR Poker are "Person to Person Transactions". This is just another way to say money transfer by Cash Transfer or Money Transfer.

  • Americas Cardroom Person to Person Transaction deposit options in 2016 - P2P transactions at ACR Poker are not what you may be thinking. Person to Person Transactions are not poker money transfers from one account to another. They are money transfer deposits using either Cash Transfer or Money Transfer. You can fund your ACR Poker account using either option. A cash transfer can be sent online using any debit or credit card, including Mastercard, or in person at any Cash Transfer or Money Transfer location. There are many of them around the USA. The most common places are banks, Walmarts, Kmarts and money centers This ACR Poker deposit method is not instant but it can only take a hour or so after you transferred the cash until it is in your poker account. You just have to provide the confirmation number and they will credit the cash before they actually pick it up. I have heard that they will refund the transfer fees on deposits of $300 or more.
  • ACR Poker Bitcoin Deposits In 2016 - You can deposit money at ACR Poker using Bitcoins instantly in 2016. It would take you less than 30 minutes to acquire and deposit Bitcoins into your America's Cardroom account, even if you have never heard of them before. Our ACR Poker Bitcoin deposit and cashout section below explains how.
  • America's Cardroom Visa, Mastercard & AMEX Deposits In 2016 - Many players can simply use their Visa, Mastercard or American Express to deposit at ACRPoker instantly. Others can use a middle-man service like Bitcoins, Moneygram, Western Union (Cash & Money Transfer) or e-wallet.
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  • ACR Poker download

americas cardroom payouts, withdrawals & cashouts 2016

americascardroom payouts cashouts 2016This Americas Cardroom payout review section will cover the withdrawal options, speeds and fees at in 2016. AmericasCardroom is the only US poker site in 2016 to offer debit cards. They are pretty cool because you can simply withdraw your balance at an ATM or use the card to make purchases. ACR Poker does have some other methods and they will be covered in this Americas Cardroom payout review for 2016. ACR Poker payout speeds are very stable. Other rooms may pay out very quickly for a week here and a week there but AmericasCardroom is consistent and that means much more for the average online poker player.

Americas Cardroom bank draft / check payouts in 2016

Check payouts at ACR Poker are delivered via Fedex, DHL or UPS and are thus quite quick. Most US poker rooms offer check cashouts, sometimes exclusively so, but they take weeks to "process" them. Americas Cardroom processes check withdrawals in a day or two and from there it can take 5-7 days to reach you. The minimum bank draft cashout at Americas Cardroom in 2016 is $100 and the maximum is $2,995. ACR is one of the only USA online poker rooms that doesn't charge any fee for express check payouts.

ACR Poker Bitcoin Payouts In 2016

acr poker bitcoin deposits payouts 2016ACR Poker was one of the first U.S. friendly online poker rooms to accept Bitcoin deposits and offer BitCoin payouts. The thing I like most about Bitcoin cashouts at America's Cardroom is that they are fast, virtually free and 100% secure. I have made a few Bitcoin deposits at ACR Poker and can confirm that the deposit process for this crypto-currency in 2016 is smooth and easy. Bitcoin poker sites accepting US players have tripled in the last year. This currency is the perfect banking solution for both deposits and withdrawals at US poker sites, casinos, sportsbooks and bingo sites in 2016.

The hardest thing is figuring out what Bitcoins are and how they work. If I wanted to deposit at AmericasCardroom using Bitcoins right now I could simply send them from my online wallet at If I didn't have any Bitcoins in my wallet I could simply trade someone at Localbitcoins one type of currency - for instance Paypal, Wal-mart gift card code, Chase QuickPay, or an Amazon gift card code - for Bitcoin funds. When I request a Bitcoin payout at ACR Poker they quickly send the money to my wallet at Localbitcoins. I can then turn it into cash-in-hand via a wide range of easy, instant options. Localbitcoins is just one of many such online e-currency wallet sites. I also have software on my computer that I can store Bitcoins in.

Americas Cardroom debit card payouts in 2016

americas cardroom debit card December, 2016The ACR Poker debit card payout solution is simply unbeatable. They will send you a Visa debit card, which takes 5-10 days to arrive. Once you have it you will never have to wait long or pay huge fees for your money again. I suggest making a $25 withdrawal from ACR soon after creating an account so you can get the ball rolling. Once you have the ACR debit card you request payouts as low as $100 (or $25 for the initial cashout) and as high as $2,500 at once. The load fee for withdrawing money to your Americas Cardroom debit card is only $2, compared to $30-$50 charged by most poker rooms for money transfer payouts and check by courier. ACR Poker generally credits your withdrawal to your debit card in 12-36 hours.

You can even deposit money back into your ACR account, make purchases online or deposit funds at another online gambling site. Pretty cool huh? Once your card is loaded you can do several things with it. You can pull money out of the ATM if you need cash. The ACR debit card is much like having an offshore bank account since it is issued by an offshore bank. It's like having a checking account in the Caymans or Antigua. The card is free but you must keep a minimum $10 balance on it at all times. If you go 8 weeks under the $10 minimum balance the card may be canceled.

Americas Cardroom Money Transfer & Cash Transfer payouts in 2016

acr moneygram western union cash money transfer pokerThese are both listed as "Person to Person transactions" in the cashier at ACR generally takes 1-5 days to send you the pickup info you need to collect your cash. The minimum for both is $100. The maximum ACR poker cashout via Cash Transfer in 2016 is $850 and the max Money Transfer poker payout in 2016 from Americas Cardroom is $1,500. The fees range from $25-$50 but they may cover one per month.

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