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Author: Brandon S.   -   Updated in: December, 2018

bovada check payout review 2016Being the largest online gambling site for U.S. citizens is no mean feat for They are also the top sportsbook on the Internet and a very popular casino and racebook in 2016. They are also one of the fastest paying USA sportsbooks in 2016. Bovada and Bodog have been online for over 15 years and in that time they have had the most reliable and steady payout speeds in the online poker world. There are three main withdrawal options in 2016. Likely the most popular are their check by courier payouts. Bovada uses Fedex to deliver their Canadian checks to U.S. citizens in 2016. The whole process takes 4-7 days. Many Americans make posts at online gambling forums asking if they should deposit their Bovada check or cash their Bovada check.

U.S. banks seem to process these Canadian checks from very differently. I get paid my affiliate revenue via check each month so I have a lot of experience cashing and depositing my Bovada check withdrawal in December, 2018. Previously I had deposited Bovada check payouts into my checking account at a small US bank. My bank would have to send the check in to collections and it would take 4-6 weeks for the funds to be available in my account. Bovada's main rival in the USA friendly poker, casino and sports betting industry is Bet Online has 3 different check withdrawal options. This payout review in 2016 explains more

I eventually got sick of waiting such a long period of time for my Bovada check cashout to clear so I went bank account hunting. I ended up creating an account at the TCF Bank. They have an office in the Jewel grocery store and they are open 7 days a week. I opened my account with some cash and a Bovada check. I was surprised to learn that these Canadian checks from Bovada are what is called "same as cash". This means that these Bovada checks clear instantly and are guaranteed. When I take my Bovada check payout to my bank the teller basically has me fill out a checking account deposit slip, but for cash instead of check. I can also opt to cash my paper check instead of depositing it. Here are some Q's and A's about Bovada check withdrawals in 2016.

Q. Are Bovada check payouts in U.S. Dollars or Canadian Dollars?
A. American check withdrawals from Bovada are in U.S. funds, USD.

Q. Can I use a mobile banking app to take a picture of the check and deposit it through my mobile device?
A. I suppose you can use a mobile app to deposit a Bovada check but I would suggest taking the check to a teller and depositing it that way. .

Q. Should I deposit my Bovada check at an ATM machine?
paper check fedex bovada poker canada 2016A. The people who suggest that you should never give the check to a teller claim that depositing a Canadian Bovada check via an ATM machine will make it clear quicker. I think that these players mistakenly assume that they are doing something wrong and that they need to hide what they are doing. Based on my own experience and from what American customers at Bovada Sports and the Bovada Casino have told me the best way to handle a check cashout from Bovada is to simply go there in person and hand it to the teller. If you bank is one of those that wants you to wait weeks for the funds to become available I suggest doing what I did, shopping for a new bank. Larger USA banks tend to treat these checks the same as cash so you can either cash them or deposit them into your account. My bank actually converts the check to cash, which I then deposit into my checking account.

Q. What do I say if the bank teller asks what the check is for and where it came from?
A. Sometimes nosy bank tellers will question you about your Bovada check. They do this a lot when people receive money from outside the USA since they have to watch out for fraud. If a bank employee asks about what the money is from you can do what I do. I always say that I work online and that this is advertising revenue. This is true but feel free to say something along these lines if asked.

Q. Does still offer US check payouts from Singapore in 2016?
A. No. I was pretty sad about this, at least until I found a U.S. bank that treats Bovada check payments the same as cash. The Bovada checks from Singapore took an extra day or two to arrive but they were backed by a U.S. bank so even my small bank would credit the money instantly when I deposited the check. The new Bovada checks issued by a Canadian Bank do not say on them that they are backed by an American bank but I guess they actually are. This is why they clear instantly at many US banks in 2016. poker check withdrawals 2016

Q. What are the limits and speeds for Bovada paper check withdrawals in 2016?
A. The minimum check withdrawal from Bovada in 2016 is $20 and the maximum is $3,000. If you want to withdraw more than $3,000 via check from you will just need to make separate cashouts. They will send each $3,000 check 5-7 days apart so if you wanted to withdraw $9,000 it would take about 2 weeks. These CA Bovada checks are delivered by Fedex in the USA. It generally takes 12-24 hours for Bovada to process the check payout and another 2-3 days for Fedex to deliver the check. Bovada Cash Transfer payouts and Money Transfer payouts are a bit faster but those who withdraw via check are being paid much faster than the average US poker room check cashout. Check here for a list of US poker sites with Cash Transfer payouts in 2016 and this list of US poker rooms with Money Transfer withdrawals in 2016.

Q. Are Bovada check pay outs free and if not, what is the free for a check withdrawal in 2016?
A. Americans can request one free check payout per month at Bovada in 2016. If you manage your money properly you can get by with just one withdrawal per month, thus saving money on the $50 check payout fee at If you want to request another check withdrawal from Bovada in the same month you will be charged a $50 fee. This is about average at U.S.A. friendly gambling sites in 2016. Only one or two online poker sites for U.S. players pay as quickly via paper check so it is well worth the fee.

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