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Carbon Poker Payouts in 2016

carbon poker payouts 2016 - cashout speeds and fees at carbonPoker

Author: Nicole Martinez   -   Updated in: December, 2018

carbon poker payout review 2016Carbon Poker is no longer accepting new players from affiliates and will soon stop accepting players all-together and closing, if the rumors are true. Existing players can still play and though payouts at Carbon Poker are extremely slow, they are still able to cashout in 2016. Carbon Poker payout speeds have slowed down exponentially as of December, 2018. Carbon Poker has always had a good reputation, even during times when cashouts were slow but in over a decade of working in the online poker business I do not recall a poker room ever doing as Carbon Poker has done and remaining online for very long. I have received numerous email complaints about slow cashouts at Carbon Poker, Carbon Casino and the other Carbon Gaming sites.

slow carbon poker payouts 2016I do not recommend depositing at Carbon Poker during this time of uncertainty and if you have a bankroll there I strongly suggest that you start cashing it out. Carbon Poker check payouts in 2016 are very unstable regarding speed. Some report receiving their withdrawal in just a week or two but the vast majority of players have been waiting 1-3 months. Here are a list of the fastest paying US poker rooms in 2016.

US Poker Rooms In 2016
(With Payout Speeds)
USA? Check carbon poker payouts carbon poker pay out December, 2018 Wire Visit
5-10 days 1-5 days 1-3 days 1-3 days 7-14 days Visit
5-10 days 3-5 days Visit
7-14 days 5-7 days 7-14 days Visit
5-10 days 1-5 days 1-3 days 1-3 days 7-14 days Visit
5-10 days 3-7 days 1-3 days 1-3 days Visit

Notice - The information below is out of date.

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Carbon Poker once headed the largest U.S. poker network and was by default the largest U.S. poker site. For a couple of years slow payouts bogged them down and they lost much of their traffic. Other problems - like Lock Poker leaving the network and taking half of the traffic with them - only hurt Carbon Poker and the Merge Gaming Network further. The last straw for many was when Carbon Poker and Merge stopped allowing players to transfer funds, thus giving them no option but to wait 2+ months for a cashout via check. This has all changed in the last year though. Carbon Poker payouts became much faster when they started using a different payment processing company. Carbon Poker payouts in 2016 are currently in-line with the other leading U.S. poker sites like Bovada Poker and Betonline Poker. Americans can except a Carbon Poker cashout to be "processed" within a week and be delivered 3-7 days afterward, so the total Carbon Poker withdrawal time in December, 2016 is roughly 14 days at most but more commonly about 10 days. Poker Payouts regularly updates this page so it will always list the current deposit options, cashout options and payout speeds for Carbon Poker in 2016.

A 10 days payout from a US poker room like Carbon Poker is not amazingly great but it is still far better than the average online poker site for U.S. players in 2016. The only fastest USA online poker sites are Betonline Poker and Bovada Poker. I've always like Carbon Poker because of their software and promotions but I have been unable to promote them due to slow cashouts. I made it a rule never to list a US poker site that took longer than a few weeks to process a withdrawal. payouts are not just being sent via check these days. I recently requested a payout via check from Carbon Poker and a few days later I got a message in the poker admin section of their site.

Dear Mike, We are currently processing your pending withdrawal Trans ID XXXXXX requested on 12/26/2016 via check. Another method that is also available to you is cash transfer. If you would like to expedite your withdrawal via this option please CLICK HERE. If you wish to receive your funds via check as originally requested you can ignore this notification. Regards, The Withdrawals Team

The alternate Carbon Poker payout method was a cash transfer using Cash Transfer. I got another message the next day with the pickup info and I was able to run to my local Walmart and pick up the money. I do not know how often they give U.S. players the option to be paid via Cash Transfer instead of a check but I have read on Carbon Poker cashouts threads at various poker forums that many Americans are being given the option for a Cash Transfer or Money Transfer payout in 2016. Money transfer withdrawals from Carbon Poker are much quicker than their Fedex paper check payout service simply because you do not have to wait for the check to be delivered or for the check to clear.

You get the cash placed in your hand right away. Carbon Poker did not charge a fee for upgrading my check payout to a cash transfer payout, which likely cost twice as much. It is good to see that they are putting players above their bottom line and working so hard to process withdrawals quicker in 2016. Below you will find a more detailed review of Carbon Poker payouts in December, 2016, including time frames / speeds, fees and limits, but first I want to review the U.S. friendly deposit options accepted by the Carbon Poker room in 2016. In the table below I have included a list of the U.S. poker rooms with the fastest cashouts and payouts in 2016:

Which other American poker rooms have fast payments?

carbon poker deposit options in 2016 - funding methods

This Carbon Poker deposit option review for December, 2016, will provide a brief overview of funding methods at this U.S. poker site. International poker players have many other deposit methods but since they typically have no trouble funding their accounts I will be focusing on only the U.S. friendly deposit methods at Carbon Poker in 2016.

  • Carbon Poker Visa deposit option - This is Carbon Poker's most popular deposit option for Americans in 2016. I like's Visa card deposits because they do not charge any fee at all. US gambling sites pay hefty processing fees to financial companies and many US poker rooms in December, 2016 have started charging a 2.9-5% fee on Visa deposits. Carbon Poker does not. You can use a debit, credit or pre-paid Visa card to deposit at Carbon Poker in 2016. The success rate is unusually high in 2016. The minimum Visa deposit at Carbon Poker is $25 and the maximum is $1,000, which can be increased upon request.
  • Carbon Poker cash transfer deposits - (Money Transfer & Cash Transfer) - These two deposit options are pretty standard at US poker rooms these days. They are also the fastest Carbon Poker and Merge Gaming Network payout methods in December of 2016. You can send the money in person or do so online. It may sound complicated but it is actually pretty easy. It typically takes a day for the funds to show up in your account. The fees to send start at around $15 but Bovada will refund the fees to you on deposits over $300.

carbon poker payouts, withdrawals & cashouts 2016 - fees & speeds

This Carbon Poker payout review section will cover the withdrawal options, speeds and fees at in 2016. Carbon Poker payouts used to take much longer but now they are much quicker. The only US friendly cashout option listed in the Carbon Poker cashier in 2016 is check by courier but they will sometimes offer to expedite your payout and send it via a cash transfer service like Cash Transfer or Money Transfer. There are other payout methods at Carbon Poker in 2016 but they are for non-U.S. players.

  • Carbon Poker check payouts in December, 2016 - Carbon Poker check cashouts are usually delivered by Fed-ex. The checks are typically drawn from a Canadian bank so you may have to wait a week or two for it to clear. From the time you requested the check withdrawal from Carbon Poker until the time you receive it ranges from 7-14 days. Not the fastest poker payouts by any means but far from the slowest. does not charge a fee for these express check payouts.
  • cash transfer withdrawals 2016Carbon Poker Cash Transfer payouts in December, 2016 - The cashier at does not usually have Cash Transfer featured. If you have a pending check payout you may receive a message from them asking you if you want to expedite your CarbonPoker withdrawal by using Cash Transfer cash transfer. If you say yes then it will usually take 24-72 hours for them to send you the pickup info that you will need to collect your money. They did not charge me a fee for using this payout service.
  • carbonpoker money transfers 2016Carbon Poker Money Transfer payouts in December, 2016 - Money Transfer is also known as Money Transfer. This option isn't listed in their cashier but like with Cash Transfer, they may message you and ask you if you want to upgrade your withdrawal from check to Money Transfer. It takes 1-3 days after you tell them yes.

Cashing Checks From Carbon Poker In 2016 - Do CarbonPoker Checks Bounce?

Sometimes when you cash a check from Carbon Poker it will bounce. Carbon Poker check payouts usually come from a Canadian bank. When you cash a Carbon Poker paper check your bank may take 3-4 weeks to send it in to collections. Sometimes it will bounce. This is because the bank account the check is written from is closed by the time the check is cashed. If your Carbon Poker check bounces you will need to ask Carbon Poker for a new check. Do not try to cash your check payment at a check cashing business. You can only deposit the check into a checking account. The money will not be available right away. Other US poker site payout reviews:

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