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Author: Nicole Martinez   -   Updated in: December, 2018

pokerhost payout review 2016PokerHost is a mid-sized US poker room in 2016 that has seen serious growth each month for the last year, since around the beginning of the 2016 Lock Poker payout scandal . I'm not a regular player at Poker Host in 2016 but as an affiliate I do have to withdraw my affiliate revenue from the poker room each month so I am qualified to write this Pokerhost payout review for December, 2016 and to keep it up to date and accurate with the latest Poker Host payout options, cashout speeds and withdrawal fees. We also have a section on Poker Host deposit options in December of 2016. doesn't get the credit it deserves for their lightning speed money transfer payouts. That is the cashout option I am most familiar with at Poker Host in 2016 but I have also received a few bank draft check withdrawals that were also very quick. I usually say that Bet Online Poker is the U.S.A. poker site with the fastest withdrawals in 2016 but PokerHost does give them a run for their money. I would still tend to prefer BetOnline over PokerHost because of BOL's huge sportsbook, mobile gambling platform, live dealer casino, racebook, skill game room and their two standard online casino platforms but if you just want to play poker and perhaps play casino games PokerHost is a good choice, especially if easy deposits and quick U.S. friendly cashout methods are important to you.

Exclusive PokerPayout's Poker Host Welcome Bonus:

  • 1st deposit - 150% bonus up to $600
  • 2nd deposit - 100% reload bonus up to $600
  • Daily freerolls & private MTT tickets
  • $10 free B-day money promotion
  • Unrivaled VIP Program - Excellent for serious players, see more below.
  • Points for cash - Three exchange rate levels: 10%, 15% and 35%
  • How to claim bonus, perks and free money - Use this link to visit PokerHost. On the registration page enter the 2016 PokerHost affiliate code 10799.
  • PokerHost news update: Poker Host recently moved to the new Equity Poker Network, to join the growing ranks of Full Flush Poker and other new US poker sites. Peak traffic on this new network has put them in direct competition with Pokerhost's old network, Merge Gaming.

PokerHost operates independently of the other rooms on the Merge Gaming Network. That means that Carbon Poker payouts in 2016 will not be as quick as Poker Host payouts in 2016. They will not have the same deposit options, bonuses or promotions. PokerHost and the Merge network have grown a lot with the fall of Lock Poker and the Revolution Network as well as with the new payout processors at Carbon Poker and the other Merge rooms. Carbon Poker and every other Merge skin - except Pokerhost since they have always had their own cashier - used to take 2-3 months to pay out to Americans but in 2016 they are only taking 5-14 days. I will start this guide on cashing out at in 2016 with an overview of the deposit methods Americans can use to fund their accounts but first please review this list of U.S. poker sites with payouts as fast or nearly as fast at Pokerhost's in 2016.

Other fast paying US poker rooms in December, 2016

US Poker Rooms In 2016
(With Payout Speeds)
USA? Check pokerhost payouts review 2016 pokerhost payouts Wire Visit
5-10 days 1-5 days 1-3 days 1-3 days 7-14 days Visit
5-10 days 3-5 days Visit
7-14 days 5-7 days 7-14 days Visit
5-10 days 1-5 days 1-3 days 1-3 days 7-14 days Visit
5-10 days 3-7 days 1-3 days 1-3 days Visit

pokerhost deposit options in 2016 -Poker Host funding methods

pokerhostwithdrawal speeds 2016Americans have a decent number of deposit options to choose from at in 2016. The thing I love most about PokerHost is that they are the US poker site with the smallest minimum deposit. If you use Visa, Mastercard, American Express (AMEX) or Visa Electron at PokerHost you can deposit as little as $10. No other US poker room has a smaller minimum deposit for credit and debit cards. There are only a couple USA-friendly poker sites in 2016 that accept Mastercard or AMEX so that gives PokerHost a big edge over the competition. I've never even seen another poker room for US players accepting Visa Electron deposits but I'm not very familiar with that type of credit card so I can't comment on how big of a deal that is. This 2016 PokerHost deposit and payout review is only mentioning banking options that Americans can use. Rest of world (ROW) players will have many more option choices, like Skrill, Neteller and countless others.

PokerHost deposit options December, 2016:

  • depositing at poker host in 2016Please note: Acceptance rates for debit, credit and prepaid cards: I have surveyed buddies and created several poker forum threads to find out about the success rate for debit/credit card deposits at Poker Host in 2016. My research indicates that acceptance rates are unusually high. Less than 10% of people will have their Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Visa Electron debit, credit or prepaid card deposit declined. A 90% success rate for credit card deposits is amazing.
  • PokerHost Visa deposit option - The minimum Visa credit, debit or prepaid card deposit is only $10. That earns them the title as the US poker room with the lowest minimum deposit in 2016. The maximum Visa deposit at Poker Host is $2,000, which is unusually high.
  • Poker Host Mastercard deposit option - Basically the same details listed above. Minimum Mastercard deposit is just $10 and the max is $2,000.
  • American Express - AMEX - deposit option - Few American poker sites in 2016 accept AMEX deposits but PokerHost does. Min: $10, Max: $2,000.
  • Use this link to visit PokerHost. On the registration page enter the 2016 PokerHost affiliate code 10799.
  • Visa Electron deposit option - I do not recall ever seeing Visa Electron as a poker deposit option before. It may be a major brand of prepaid Visa but I'm not sure. Min: $10, Max: $2,000.
  • poker host money transfer payments 2016PokerHost Money Transfer deposits - PokerHost accepts Money Transfer deposits and they have broken them up into two separate options in their cashier: Cash Money Transfer and Credit Card Money Transfer. They do not represent two different Money Transfer deposit methods though. Money Transfer transfers can be made online with debit and credit cards or in person using cash, so that is the only different. PokerHost is one of the few US online poker rooms in 2016 to give you instant access to Money Transfer & Cash Transfer deposits. The only thing I never liked about this kind of poker deposit is that you had to wait for a poker room employee to pick up the money, which can take a day or two. At PokerHost they will put the money in your account immediately. The minimum Money Transfer deposit for both cash and credit card is only $50, compared to $100-$200 required at most poker rooms. The maximum is $850.
  • PokerHost Cash Transfer deposits - Poker Host also differentiates between cash and credit card transfers. The details for this deposit method are basically the same as for Money Transfer. The minimum is $50 and the max is $850. Fees do tend to be lower for Cash Transfer cash transfers than Money Transfer charges.
  • withdrawing money from 2016PokerHost Bank Wire deposits - Few USA poker sites, casinos or sportsbooks accept bank wire deposits in 2016. As you may know the only major laws pertaining to real money Internet poker in 2016 are banking regulations - between financial institutions and the government, not citizens and the government. Most poker sites simply stay away from any direct interaction with USA banks. PokerHost has found a way to do it without a hassle though. Bankwire deposits at Poker Host in 2016 are ideal for large deposits. They can take 7-14 days but typically complete in 3-7 days. The minimum bank wire deposit is just $100 and the maximum is $50,000.
  • How to claim bonus, perks and free money - Use this link to visit PokerHost. On the registration page enter the 2016 PokerHost affiliate code 10799.

Poker Host Review 2016 - VIP Rewards Program Bonuses & Perks

pokerhost review 2016

pokerhost payouts, withdrawals & cashouts 2016 - fees & speeds

pokerhost usa payouts 2016This page is supposed to focus on PokerHost cashout options, payout speeds and withdrawal fees in 2016 but I seem to have written a great deal about other topics. I don't even have much to say about cashing out at Poker Host in 2016. I do so once a month for my affiliate revenue and things always go smoothly.

  • PokerHost check payouts in December, 2016 - The bank draft - check - withdrawal method at Poker Host in 2016 is the best for Americans who are not in a big rush to receive their money. This is because there is no fee for check payouts at PokerHost. How long does a check cashout at PokerHost take? PokerHost check cashout speeds are stable at 5-10 days. The minimum paper check payout is $100 and the maximum is $3,000.
  • cashing out poker host 2016Poker Host Money Transfer payouts in 2016 - In 2016, Poker Host Money Transfer payouts are their fastest withdrawal method. As I have already mentioned, I cash out my affiliate earnings from every month using Money Transfer. I use the same process as regular players so my Pokerhost cashouts are handled the same as yours, at the same speeds. It generally takes 3-6 days for them to send me the pickup info for my Money Transfer pay out. The minimum Money Transfer Cash withdrawal is $100 and the maximum is $850. Pokerhost does charge a fee for Money Transfers. This fee starts at around $25 dollars but they may give you one free payout per month. This is why I said that if you are not in a rush the free check withdrawal option is ideal. Once they send you the pickup info you can go to virtually any Walmart, Currency Exchange, truckstop, Kmart, money center, bank or many other businesses and have your poker winnings placed in your hand in the form of cold, hard cash. Can't beat that.
  • 2016 poker host cash Cash Transfer payouts in 2016 - Cashing out with Cash Transfer at PokerHost in 2016 is basically the same as a Money Transfer payout. Cash Transfer withdrawals take the same 3-6 days but the maximum for this option is only $560. The minimum is $100. The one advantage CT has over MT is that the fees are generally 25-30% lower.
  • How to claim bonus, perks and free money - Use this link to visit PokerHost. On the registration page enter the 2016 PokerHost affiliate code 10799.

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